Re: [Full-disclosure] strange domain name in phishing email

On Tue, 14 Mar 2006, Chris Umphress wrote:

On 3/14/06, gboyce <gboyce@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I tried this trick against my personal Apache 2 webserver, and got a 400
bad request as well. The apache log is showing "Client sent malformed
Host header".

It looks like Apache is getting the decimal host header, and doesn't
understand what to do with it. Oddly, the host mentioned in the initial
e-mail is also Apache, but it's Apache 1.3.

Is your Apache on windows server 1.x or 2.x?

I'll jump in and say that mine works works this way (If you want to
verify, it is http://1136002182/).

I am using Apache 1.3 and have several virtual hosts set up. Since
Apache returns the first virtual host if it doesn't match the names of
any of the other virtual hosts. That could be the determining factor
for why some work and others don't.

I have virtual hosts setup as well, and this behavior doesn't work for me.

I tested a few different servers, and what I've found is that Apache 1.3 accepts hosts defined in this manner. Apache 2.0 fails with a 400 error.


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