Re: [Full-disclosure] Promiscious Device Detection

i know how it would be done.

just thought if i could find the code/tool it could save me alot of time.

Simon Richter wrote:

Q Beukes wrote:

I am looking for linux utility that checks if a specified machine's
network device is in promiscious mode or not.

Technically, promiscuous mode only affects packet reception, so it is
pretty difficult to detect; however most packet sniffers will not hide
the packets that would have been filtered normally from the kernel, so
the kernel should react to e.g. a ping or SYN packet that has the
correct destination IP address for that host, but would normally be
filtered by the MAC (e.g. with a different destination MAC address).

I don't have a readymade utility for that (I'd code it if need arises,
but the days of Cheapernet are gone), but you can test from the shell
by creating a static ARP entry using the arp(8) tool and then pinging
the IP.


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