Re: [Full-disclosure] MiTM with https there are any tools ?

SPIKE Proxy does this and is Open Source and written in Python. You can get it off of our Resources page on

I've tested it against most of the webmail solutions as a stress's a lot harder to write a http proxy than you might think. :>

As a side note, we've integrated it into our CANVAS product now, although minus the SSL functionality temporarily.

Vincent Archer wrote:
On Mon, Mar 06, 2006 at 08:34:11AM -0300, Alehandro Dias wrote:
I need to conduct a test to get the unencrypted https traffic from a
source, but dont know if there are any tools to do that.
I am able to fake a dns entry, so he thinks i am [1]
There are tools to setup a fake weserver (or proxy) that will redirect
the queries to the true website, storing the clear data ?
I imagine ettercap dont help in this situation.

Standard tools, not to my knowledge.

We do have a web proxy that does MITM for https traffic (with re-signing
of site certificates once validated with our own CA which is added to
local browsers), but that's not a publically available tool (it is still
in beta, and will be added to our product catalog fairly soon).

If you control the destination, and have access to the SSL key used by the
server, you can use the ssldump utility ( )
to decrypt a tcpdump capture of the SSL traffic.

Ettercap looks like it has the ssldump feature integrated, but, again, you
do need to have the SSL key of the server to decipher the session.

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