[Full-disclosure] Re: How hackers cause damage... was Vulnerabilites in new laws on computer hacking

Craig Wright wrote:
The "state of doubt" I was referring to is the condition of
determination associated with knowledge that a system has been attacked.
The determination that the attacker was benign or malevolent leaves one
in doubt

Your sage wisdom on the subject of helping people respond appropriately to attacks, crime and fraud (insider/outsider/etc) is duly acknowledged.

We all have 'knowledge' that our systems have been attacked based on the fact that software originating from Microsoft is present on our boxes, and the fact that microprocessors designed only for stand-alone use (absent data communications or other untrustworthy I/O) have been improperly and irresponsibly thrust onto the marketplace by Intel, AMD, et al -- companies with the technical awareness of the proper solution to the problem who withhold not only the solution but also withhold disclosure of their knowledge of the problem.


Jason Coombs
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