[Full-disclosure] XSS and SQL injection in sNews

Official page : http://www.solucija.com/home/snews/

XSS in comments :

just post some comment with <script>alert('XSS TEST by

FIX : put this on 423 line
$r = str_replace ("<","&lt",$r);
$r = str_replace (">","&lg",$r);

Injection through categories : index.php?category=1%20or%201=2

FIX : put this on 313 line
if (ereg('^[0-9]*$' , $category))

Injection through id : index.php?id=0%20or%201=2

FIX : put this on 175 line
if (ereg('^[0-9]*$' , $id)) {

joffer and DrFrancky
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