[Full-disclosure] Google creates SPAM haven

I find it hard to believe that with all the resources at Google's disposal, they are unable to find technicians or project managers, designers, or whatever, that have any idea how the interweb works... Amazingly, despite years of SPAM being a huge problem, they have now created a system that allows spammers to set up mailing lists, add you to them unauthenticated, and then spam you by simply mailing the list and letting Google take care of the rest...


A couple of days ago I got the following unsolicited message:

harpreet1977@xxxxxxxxx has added you to the hackers a to z group with this message:

Fed up with worms, viruses and hackers messing with your computer? Want to know how they do it? How to defend? How to fight back? "You take the blue pill
and the story ends.... Take the red pill and I'll show you how deep the rabbit
hole goes,"

Within half an hour I started to receive posts to the group (typical script-kiddie crap). At no point did I need to send a confirmation mail or hit a URL to say I wanted to be subscribed...

Google's solution to this? I can block it in "My subscriptions". WTF??? So, as well as receiving unsolicited mail from Google (i.e., errr... SPAM), I'm now expected to go and subscribe to a service I have no interest in for the sole purpose of NOT receiving it???? Give me a frikkin break!

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