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What a lame vulnerability it is. If your POC redirects to another site (which is not MBT site), how someone will become victim and believe that he/she is doing business with MBT?
Your post is yet another proof that FD is more and more inhibited by scipt kiddies. Get a life!

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Hii List;

Recently, i found an Xss vulnerabilty in MBT web site. MBT offers services from Consulting to Managed Services.It is the Corporate member of The International Systems Security Engineering Association (ISSEA).
BS 7799 (Information Security Management Framework) certified organization

MBT  XSS (Cross Site Scripting) Attacks


MBT ( ) is a leading India-based global IT solutions provider. As a proven leader in application outsourcing and offshoring of business critical applications, MBT enables its clients, protect their investment in legacy systems, enhance capital budgets, reduce operating expenses and build solutions for the multi-services future. However it suffers Xss vulnerability on its own web page.

Below is the proof-of-concept which explains this -[Xss malcode here]

Re-directing the site to any malicious or fake site to trap the victim : <script>document.location='http://www.[].com'</script>

Though it does not affect sever side alot and may seem harmless, but it can be used to target college students or job-seekers as it is one of the most attracting employer. Targets can be lured to visit the malicious weblink under the pretext of some job positions being vacant.

Vendor notification:

Vendor has been notified twice, around 4 months ago but still there is no response and I guess neither they are going to respond.

Santosh J.

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Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
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