Re: [Full-disclosure] Vulnerability/Penetration Testing Tools

On 1/18/06, Madison, Marc <mmadison@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I understand your point about TCO, even though you don't make a very
> good case for it.
> Now for the Math, and why your TCO argument wasn't so good,
> Developer $60K/year divided by the adopted 2080 man hours year (this is
> the average hours work, 40 hour week, 5 days, etc...) = $28.85/hourly,
> so.....
> BidiBLAH: $10,000
> Scripting class: $350
> 6 man-weeks time: $6924.00

Also add in the cost of hiring someone to cover that guys duties while
he is at class, and the figure is back to VK's estimate
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