[Full-disclosure] Practical Wireless Deployment Methodology (PWDM)

Hi Everyone,

We've launched a hardware-neutral wireless deployment/upgrading
methodology at http://www.pwdm.net and would like some feedback on
whether it is useful to you and how we can make it more so.

The PWDM (Practical Wireless Deployment Methodology) is a practical,
vendor-independent methodology which is intended to help people who
are tasked with deploying, upgrading, maintaining & securing 802.11-
based WLANs, irrespective of whether they are private (SOHO,
enterprise, home) or public (hotspots) in nature.

The methodology comprises the following steps:
* Deployment Analysis
* Contractual Negotiation
* Deployment Tactical Planning
* Deployment Procedural Rollout
* Supporting Infrastructure Rollout
* AP Security Issues
* Layer 3 Mitigation Strategies
* Management Overlay
* Gateway Security
* UAT & Commissioning

If you're interested in taking a look, you can download the current
version of the PWDM (ver 1.4) at http://www.pwdm.net

Thanks & Regards,
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