[Full-disclosure] Google's Blogger.com classic HTTP response splitting vulnerability

Blogger.com classic HTTP response splitting vulnerability

0. Original Advisory

I. Background

Blogger.com is Google's blogging service.

II. Description

Blogger's personal page redirection mechanism contains a classic HTTP
response splitting vulnerability in the "Location" HTTP header. The
problem occurs due to use of unsanitized user-supplied data in the
"Location" HTTP header, which enables attacker to inject CRLF(%0d%0a)
characters thus splitting server's response taking full control over
the contents of second HTTP response. Exploitation of the vulnerability
can lead to cross-site scripting (XSS), cache poisioning and phishing

The following URL was taking contents of query string and using it in
"Location" HTTP header without proper sanitation:

http://www.blogger.com/r?[URL here]

III. Vendor status

Vulnerability has been fixed on 13/01/2006

IV. Disclosure timeline

02/01/2006 - Issue discovered. Vendor notified.
02/01/2006 - Initial vendor response.
12/01/2006 - Vendor inquired on status.
13/01/2006 - Vendor response and confirmation that bug fixed.

V. References

1. http://www.packetstormsecurity.org/papers/general/whitepaper_httpresponse.pdf

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