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On a similair topic,
Wireless home networks;  on any given day I can see/break into and use networks that are not my ssid, barring the free internet access, I have stumbled onto the fact that if a user is subscribed to a flat rate service say Vonage and they happen to use wireless for their private network, its quite easy to piggyback free phone service as well. Simplistic in form, not so sophisicated in function, a major flaw in flat rate billing.
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> I know we all get so exited about some very complex
> and ingenious hack, but sometimes the most simple
> thing can be the biggest problem. So many hotels are
> offering wireless network that beams out all over the
> premises and even out to their parking lot. I am
> surprised how many don't even require a password to
> log on. It is so easy for some teenager that want to
> be the "evil genius hacker" to sit in the parking lot
> and do whatever he likes and be untraceable unless you
> physically catch him in the process. As an Admin I am
> tracing more and more hacks from such locations.
> Whenever I stay at a hotel that has easy access
> wireless, I am taking the time to speak to the
> manage rs and have had some success in getting them to
> secure things up a little. Of course even the best
> protection in such an environment is not an end all,
> but at least it keeps some of the script kiddies from
> doing harm. I would encourage any Admin that reads
> this to take up the same practice. Thanks
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