[Full-disclosure] Gerald Eisenhaur

Is a great Reverse Engineer. Worked at Cisco, helping them with Cisco
Security Agent. He left his job to get a better paycheck at webroot,
working on their advanced threat research team. Before going to webroot,
he signed several agreements, not the least of which was a non-compete

4 Months ago, Gerry contacted me. He said that if I came to Boulder, he
wouild pay me 50k up front to help him with a 1/4 mil contract he had
gotten RCE'ing csa 5.0 for cisco. He has since decided not to pay me
(after I quit my job and moved to CO in order to help him).

Because of that, I have decided to tell his employer that he is in
violation of his contract, and is activly helping their competition
while collecting a paycheck from webroot.

Merry christmas Gerry, have fun being homeless like me. Maybe you will
think twice before ruining someone elses life next time.

"from the heart of hell, I stab at thee"

P.S.: I dont care if you kill me, at this point, you would just be doing
me a favor
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