[Full-disclosure] MD:Pro - Malware Distribution Project

Hi List,

For information - On 01 February 2006 we will launch our Malware
Distribution Project (MD:Pro) service, which will offer developers of
security systems and anti-malware products a vast collection of downloadable
malware from a secure and reliable source, exclusively for the purposes of
analysis, testing, research and development. For a preview of MD:Pro, please
visit http://www.frame4.net/mdpro.

Bringing together for the first time a large back-catalogue of malware,
computer underground related information and IT security resources under one
project, this major new system will also contain a large selection of
undetected malware, along with an open, collaborative platform, where
malware samples can be shared among its members. The database will
constantly be updated with new files, and maintained to keep it running at
an optimum. MD:Pro will contain around 120.000 downloadable malware samples
by the end of 2006. There are currently 6500+ files in the system (and

A product of many years' research, cataloging and compilation of hard to
find information, this subscription based service will be extremely
attractive to anti-virus/anti-spyware manufacturers, developers of IDS/IPS
systems, etc., along with large corporations and ISPs. Registrations will be
limited to corporate customers only.

Key benefits are:

- A single, secure, and reliable download resource
- Vast amounts of historical data, along with the very latest malware
- Custom system, designed to provide maximum benefit to anti-malware
research staff
- Contents updated and maintained continuously by skilled security engineers
- Systems monitored 24 x 7 for maximum possible uptime and availability
- A non-public list, made available for the purposes of analysis, testing,
research & development

PLEASE NOTE - The system is currently under heavy development; we are due to
go live 01 February 2006, and as such, are not accepting any registrations
for now (we are keeping applications pending until then however, and will
allow access after go-live). As mentioned above, registrations will be
limited to corporate customers only.

Best regards,

Anthony Aykut
Frame4 Security Systems
Tel : +31(0)172-515901

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