Re: [Full-disclosure] WMF round-up, updates and de-mystification

Microsoft just released patches for this vulnerability:

Unfortunately there are no Microsoft patches for this critical exploit for Win 98, Win 98 SE, or Win 98 ME. Millions of people still use these operating systems. Why didn't Microsoft issue patches for them? Also, is there an unnofficial patch out there that will work for these operating systems?

Anthony R. Nemmer

InfoSecBOFH wrote:

So this patch is trusted because you said so?

I have tested and confirmed that this patch only works in specific
scnenarios and does not mitigate the entire issue.  Variations still

On 1/3/06, Gadi Evron <ge@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Quite a bit of confusing and a vast amount of information coming from
all directions about the WMF 0day. Here are some URL's and generic facts
to set us straight.

The "patch" by Ilfak Guilfanov works, but by disabling a DLL in Windows.
So far no problems have been observed by anyone using this patch. You
should naturally check it out for yourselves but I and many others
recommend it until Microsoft bothers to show up with their own patch.

Ilfak is trusted and is in no way a Bad Guy.

You can find more information about it at his blog:

If you are still not sure about the patch by Ilfak, check out the
discussion of it going on in the funsec list about the patch, with Ilfak
Occasional information of new WMF problems keep coming in over there.

In this URL you can find the best summary I have seen of the WMF issue:
by the "SANS ISC diary" team.

In this URL you can find the best write-up I have seen on the WMF issue:
By Matthew Murphy at the "Securiteam Blogs".

Also, it should be noted at this time that since the first public
discovery of this "problem", a new one has been coming in - every day.
All the ones seen so far are variants of the original and in all ways
the SAME problem. So, it would be best to acknowledge them as the
same... or we will keep having a NEW 0day which really isn't for about 2
months when all these few dozen variations are exhausted.

A small BUT IMPORTANT correction for future generations:
The 0day was originally found and reported by Hubbard Dan from Websense
on a closed vetted security mailing list, and later on at the Websense
public page. All those who took credit for it took it wrongly.

Thanks, and a better new year to us all,

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Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
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