Re: [Full-disclosure] Unofficial Microsoft patches help hackers, not security

On 1/4/06, Joe Average <yahooinsider@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> It has been said on C|NET/SecurityFocus and other places that "experts" are
> telling people to use unofficial patches, and to make things worse the
> "experts" are releasing patches.


>You've got to wonder who these "experts"
> are.

Uhmm, really? Google is your friend.

>By releasing unofficial patches, all you're doing is aiding the
> hackers, it doesn't help the situation one little bit for the overall
> picture of protecting Microsoft consumers.

I take it that English is not your first language.

Again, google is your friend. Please see search?q=security. Maybe
you would be interested in the old (*/ ).

>The majority of consumers aren't
> getting your unofficial patches, but you can be sure the hackers are using
> them, and using them to their advantage.

At least the hackers[sic] are safe from themselfs?

>If these unofficial patches weren't
> being released and experts weren't telling people to use them, I wouldn't be
> calling for Microsoft to bring forward the release date for the patch before
> the end of the week.

And if they were not released then you would just sit back do nothing.
Quite similar to what you are doing now, minus the incessant

>It's the "experts" here who have now made the situation
> ten times worse, by giving their very bad advice and releasing their own
> unofficial patches.

We, try, to, follow, your, vociferation, but, it, is, hard, to, at, times.

> Well done the experts,

Thank you,

- The Experts

> You deserve the title after all

You know that we all do it for the fame, right? For without
acknowledgement it is futile.

Anyways, I'm still waiting for n3td3v to troll the mailing lists with
goatse, lemonparty, tubgirl or similar. That is the next logical step
after this, right?
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