Re: [Full-disclosure][WAY OFF TOPIC] complaints about the governemnt spying!

--On December 29, 2005 11:21:09 PM +0100 fok yo <yoo.fok@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hey Paul!

      What do you think about obeying the list charter and at least try
to tie your degenerate apologist misrepresentations of the world into
information security somehow?

Can't but second this.

Interesting charter. Folks can blather on and on about how bad the US is, how evil Bush is, make all sorts of outrageous, unsupportable claims, but the first time someone calls them on it, we cry, "Wah, wah, you're not obeying the charter!"

I understand you guys like to spew this crap unimpeded. I just enjoy throwing a monkey wrench in the works every now and then. Don't like it? Then shut up and go back to discussing security issues.

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