Re: [Full-disclosure] Breaking LoJack for Laptops

Hehe I noticed that and didnt bother telling you ;-P


On 12/25/05, Bob Hacker <bob.hacker@xxxxxxxxx > wrote:
sorry i misplaced your post with your reality, I replied simply with...
Bob Hacker 
to Stan
 More options   Dec 24 (1 day ago)
Its outstanding, I was being sarcastic just out of context. Happy New Year List !
I replied to stan not the list. Guess I should Have.

On Sun, 25 Dec 2005 13:38:15 -0800 Bob Hacker
< bob.hacker@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Let me clarify this this to you and others who don't understand the
slightest about much.

>Allowing 192* to be called from is absurd. And its not that hard
>to whois
>the ip, contact the isp who now these days hand over information
>to almost*
>anyone with a nice fancy letterhead from a lawyers office. Saying

In case you didn't realize it, the 192.168 range is private. Go
whois yourself silly trying to find out. Better yet go ask around
who is 192.168.x.x for kicks.

>Dear Mr
>ISP bad person using this IP has stolen laptop that sold on ebay
>for 50
>bucks, please give us his address so we may take him to court and
>charge him
>with possession of stolen property, a misdemenor in most states.

For your information you seem to know little about how things work.
Go ask any provider for information with any kind of letterhead
you'd like. See what they will tell you. You seem to be stuck on
stupid assuming a bonafide provider is going to budge simply
because some letterhead. Without a court order you'd be wasting a
piece of paper.

>Yes its
>logical. But in theory I think the whole thing is like the MS key
>disable it in windows add-ons and move on. Its like that one time
>bandcamp when i was on a lan and didnt know my ip so i went to
>steve gibsons

Wow you are so 31337 to run over to Gibson's site. Case in point no
need to further clarify anything on my original post. Don't make an
ass out of yourself responding when you have one half of one half
of a smidgen of a clue.

> Note. I am sure anyone who has a purchased a stolen laptop ,
> it had a
>password on it. So the OS was already installed. just my .02

Instead of wasting time making yourself look more clueless you
should take some time and actually run along and learn something
productive. The message had nothing to do with a stolen laptop, it
had to do with defeating its protection. Whether or not it had/has
a password is irrelevant. And your last comment made no sense so
take your two cents and buy yourself a clue.
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Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
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