[Full-disclosure] Character vulnerabilities

Hi list,

I read so many postings on this list of people who seemingly do not control their anger, fury etc. which seems to bump their heads straight at their ceilings.

Do you really consider this as qualities of a security researcher/consultant/employee/...?

I'd rather consider them vulnerabilities which might expose them to social engineering attacks or to being blinded by their own rage, which can easily result in destructive carelessness in many areas.

I don't think that it makes a good publicity for a company to work with security people not mastering themselves. Why would you entrust them with your systems if they react so emotionally? Shouldn't they rather be clear-minded, rational, controlling themselves, etc., when dealing in any way with security issues?

So please, do yourself and those around you a favor and change; you CAN do it, and you will make everybody happier, and youself more efficient, if happyness is not your thing.

So cheer up, and take it a bit more easily!

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