Re: [Full-disclosure] Unzip *ALL* verisons ;))

On 19/12/05, KF (lists) <kf_lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Um... the point was that 3 years ago when I found this (or something
> similar)... the attached exploit worked just fine. I could give a rats
> ass less what you or anyone else does with it today. The bug was pretty
> much pointless to begin with anyway.
> All these folks are talking about not being able to reproduce it... blah
> blah... well all I was saying was that I have seen a /bin/sh prompt
> produced via this issue.
> I'll kindly remove my nose from your uber er33t understanding of this
> crucial unzip overflow.
> -KF

KF, I wasn't having a go at you buddy, I just found the DVDMAN exploit
pretty funny tbh...

toddles back to read Matt. 7:6


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