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Our Federal government cannot enter a disaster area unless invited by the governor of the state. In the case of Katrina, the governor was more concerned with getting re-elected than she was with saving her constituents. Her recently-disclosed email messages prove this. Also, the mayor ordered a mandatory evacuation (when it was too late to enforce), but most people didn't leave. If you place yourself in harms way, is it the government's responsibility to extricate you?

The head of FEMA was a bonehead, but that problem has been fixed. Are you now going to tell me that the US Army Corps of Engineers went into New Orleans to blow holes in the levees? Or maybe we caused hurricane Katrina with our special nuclear-powered hurricane-generators?

Just checking...


On Dec 18, 2005, at 10:56 PM, GroundZero Security wrote:

lol you mean the RAF stuff ? that was ages ago and we learned from that. or in the 70s at olympia.
sure that was bad since we didnt even have special forces as we werent used to terrorists or war anymore
we usually dont bother about such things. usa is mainly focused on war industry though

ok sorry i didnt finish this. i didn't have much sleep last night so execuse me please.

what i missed is that we didnt have special forces but we have some now. and i'm very confident they would do a good job.
also if we have a disaster we dont have to wait 6 days for help to arrive i trust my gov on that. i feel pretty save also "if"
a terrorist attack would happen we surely would not invade a country. unless that countries gov is attacking us.

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