Re: [Full-disclosure] [Clips] A small editorial about recent events. (fwd)

I'm sorry, but I was also FAR too close to one of the 09/11 attacks. While I agree that giving up (supposedly) certain civil liberties is most decidedly not a good thing, we need to remember one key point - the same liberal whiners that are complaining about the monitoring of certain targeted individuals would be shitting themselves to get in line to scream about the President not doing enough to protect us if there was another attack. This was not a blanket wiretap against every citizen that made a telephone call to London. These taps were conducted under defined circumstances. If you are not a terrorist, and do not associate with terrorists, you have nothing to worry about. The indignation being shown by the liberals right now is shocking - this information was not news to anyone within Congress (from either party) that was in a position to know it.

What good are civil liberties if you are being buried in a mass grave as a victim of another terrorist attack? Are you going to try to exercise your freedom of speech from beyond the grave?

I like Perry - he used to work for me back in the 90's, but he is wrong about this.

I know all of the cliches about freedom never being lost all at once, and societies willing to trade freedom for security deserving neither and having none (I know I butchered that one - my apologies to the original author), and all of the other little jabs that liberals are falling back on right now, but like him or not, there has not been another attack on our homeland since 09/11. Difficult decisions need to be made from time to time, and Bush is making them. I think it's hysterical that most of the loudest of the loudmouths were strangely silent when Clinton did many of the same things.

Even with a government that is actively protecting us from these terrorist scumbags, we in the USA are still the luckiest people on Earth. We've got it better than any other country on Earth. If you like some other place better, please feel free to move yourself there.


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