Re: [Full-disclosure] [Clips] A small editorial about recent events. (fwd)

On 12/18/05, Andrew A <gluttony@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Trends like these will continue to worsen until someone performs a coup.
> Luckily, it has been suprisingly easy throughout history to do so. All that
> is needed is for someone with the will to walk up and seize power. Were
> someone to perform an operation like this, the board members of Halliburton
> and other companies close to the current administration should probably be
> simultaneously struck to send an effective message.

Well, not all Coup's have to be bloody. I would be perfectly happy
with a bloodless coup (or even a sporty one)

The problem lies with the fact that most military persons (that I have
met, especially ones that have not _seen_ combat) follow the
"commander in chief" blindly (well unless they get a BJ), so any
bloodless coup would be met by a very bloody retribution.

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