Re: [Full-disclosure] [Clips] A small editorial about recent events. (fwd)

On Sun, 18 Dec 2005, Dude VanWinkle wrote:

> Normally the correct response to this question is: go and vote, but
> with recent (and not so recent) events in the news:
> It seems this option is lost to us as well

this is the reason that those in power have been systematically disarming
Americans. Armed resistance was foreseen by our founding fathers - but we
just voluntarily gave up most of those rights a LONG ass time ago!

> Ideas? Maybe we could Hack the next "Election" err... counter-hack that is ;-)

Tim May had the right idea: Bush "needs to die". Unfortunately for all of
us, there's nobody around willing to "kill" him: the Courts don't give a
shit, Congress doesn't give a shit, and, most painfully, most of the
*country* doesn't give a shit.

We are a sorry bunch of losers here in the U.S....


J.A. Terranson

Just once, can't we have a nice polite discussion about
the logistics and planning side of large criminal enterprise?

- Steve Thompson

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