RE: [Full-disclosure] Amazon Phishing Scam - Tech Details


Good point, well made. Again the idea that I had was to share the information, and yes I agree with you that manually blocking things would be a pain in the butt, no issues there. If it would be more suitable to post to some other list I am ok with that too.

I know that people are being touchy since the n3td3v/joe average thing has been going on for what seems like forever, and annoying the population of FD is not my intention, I have posted to this list for years, and in general find the inforamation interesting and in many cases amusing. I am more than happy to conceide the groups desire not to have phishing information posted unless it is new or somehow novel reflecting a new trend or technique.

As we are all security folks, security wanna be's, or just interested bystanders, I think many of us have good intentions (which I had this morning). If it is not suitable, that is cool, I'll wait until I have something technical and interesting/new to post. Unfortunately most of my work is done on the business side of the house working with management setting course direction and technology buys lately, and I rarely get to deal with new things unless it is security certification of software and web systems, which is cool in its own way, but usually not content for FD.

Cheers folks, no worries and no issues on my part.

Regards, Dan

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Dan wrote:
> Oh, I don't know, maybe someone might want to block the IP
> addres or shun them, maybe someone might want to put it in
> their exchange server as a known bad IP, maybe someone might
> want to black hole them at some point, just little things
> like that, and that is why I posted this to this list.
> Just a thought.
> r/d

Dan, you have a very valid idea and it works, but it will only work for
the short temp. Static blocking of phishing sites doesn't work too well
in the long run - but works well for the time the site is up. You put
this one address into your block list to protect your users but what
about the 10 other address you haven't put in there?

Trying to run a manually updated content/security filtering system will
crazy you insane in no time. Believe me ;)


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