Re: [Full-disclosure] Symlink attack techniques


thanks for all the replies, I really appreciate this.

> Assuming that the find command will report a directory or file that you
> control, you can use the symlink to overwrite a shell script, and then
> place shell commands into your file name:

Ok I should have been more precise in my previous mail. In this scenario I
don't have control over the output generated by the find command. So
basically the cronjob is something like:

15 4  * * 6  root  /usr/bin/find /home/userA -type f -print > /tmp/report.txt

Consequently as userB I have no way of influencing what information is printed
by the find command to /tmp/report.txt but I can surely
control /tmp/report.txt. Any other ideas of how to exploit this to gain root

Thank you very very much.

All the best,
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