RE: [Full-disclosure] Phishing Alert: Inland Revenue Service

N3td3v worte:
> On 12/14/05, Todd Towles <toddtowles@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Wow n3td3v, I think I am going to kill my Websense Phishing
> alerts and
> > use your service....should we really be posting every
> little phishing
> > e-mail to the FD list? Is there anything special about this e-mail?
> > Not technique being used? ...

responsibility to report on it? Sure, so report it to APWG and other
anti-phishing could even be responsible and report it to the

But the people on your security group already saw it, right? So why post
it here? We can all see your group like the rest of the world.

Something worth posting to FD? Most likely not. Who on FD is going to
fall for a Inland Revenue Service?

Should I post every Ebay scam e-mail to FD as well? Of course not...FD
is not an Anti-phishing group...

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