Re: [Full-disclosure] IT security professionals in demand in 2006

I didnt know that they gave out scores?... have they started doing that?

-Jeff Wilder

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I was already in the door and had been doing the work for years. Then the "Company" decided that I needed the Cert to make myself saleable to perspective customers. I went to Borders and picked up a copy of "CISSP For Dummies". Cracked the book 2 nights before the test to take the practice exams. Scored a 92 on the exam and put the book away. We were given 6 hours to complete the exam. They handed the exams out at 9:15. We started the test about 20 minutes later. At 11:45 I was sitting in the resort restaurant with my two sons eating breakfast. I would not howerevr put down the significance or value of the CISSP certification. With it I doubled my salary within less than 4 months of having obtained it. My ex employer paid for the cert, but refused to budge on the raise promises that were made to get me to go for the cert. But then a gain, I did say ex-employer.

Marvin R. Myers CISSP

Scott Renna wrote:

The certs get you in the door

Being crappy at your job and showcasing your shortcomings will show you out the door.

sk wrote:

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