Re: [Full-disclosure] Hacking Boot camps!

Come on... lets go right old school. I loved and ran RA

right old school? Hm, okies! ..didn't care for RA, personally - I ran Synchronet and RENEGADE. Thinking back.. Synchronet's scriptable co-sysop was a lot of fun..



RENEGADE all the way :>

WWIV was great for modding too.  Vision-X, yep.. I remember a lot of the
'ansi cool-kids' (or whatever...) running that.


On Wed, 30 Nov 2005, Christopher Carpenter wrote:

Don't forget WWIV and Vision-X. :)

WildCAT BBS Anyone???? :)

I remember playing tradewars and calling who knows where to get new text
files :)

Used Tone-loC a lot more back then :)

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