Re: [Full-disclosure] FAO Mark Murtagh from Websense

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Date: 11/13/05

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    Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2005 21:47:17 +0000

    Security Researcher who reads news stories, studies hacker techniques
    and trends. Also noticed that online news journalists are using the
    phrase "Security Researcher" as a new name for "hackers". I am
    "Security Researcher" in its true form. I don't subscirbe to online
    media journalists and hackers who have hi-hacked the term security
    researcher to try and hide their true status as "HACKER".

    On 11/13/05, Steve Friedl <> wrote:
    > I'm not taking any issue with your position in the security industry,
    > but you're going to find that communicating poorly (including "not even
    > checking for grammer") goes a long way to telling people that you don't
    > wish to be taken seriously.
    > Maybe you're a script kiddie, maybe you're a wannabe, maybe you're
    > the real deal: all we can go by is what springs from your fingers,
    > and everything you write says "wannabe".
    > There are varying standards for good writing: a Quick private IM to
    > a friend is at the bottom of the list, but a public, "Hey, I wrote
    > this" is at the top. It's great to write with passion, and all of us
    > go with the flow when it (thankfully) happens, but none of us would
    > release a paper without making sure the writing looked professional.
    > I think that handles and song lyrics are all really juvenile, but you at
    > least make a pretense at trying to be a real participant in the security
    > industry.
    > The single best thing you could do for yourself and your reputation is
    > to vigorously cultivate your communications skills.
    > Steve
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