RE: [Full-disclosure] Massive Enumeration Toolset

From: Josh perrymon (
Date: 08/30/05

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    Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2005 12:29:46 -0500
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    I had the same issue. There is a windows installer but the directions I
    think where based on *nix referencing /usr/bin.

    TO me it sounds like script based utilities due to all the arguments
    passed but I had no luck locating it yet.. but I haven't had time to


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    Very cool. However, I am having issues getting it to run on Windows. I
    python installed. Is there a quickstart?


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    Massive Enumeration Toolset is a collection of python based scripts.
    However, you can use it
    as a library if you want to code your own tools. I hope it is easy to

    The main Google tool is called google. After installation this tool
    should be in /usr/bin/ ...
    You can use the tool in many different ways:

    * Download all VPN configuration files from the net and hack into them
    google web --tool=mobile -r100 -d5 -l:10 'main filetype:pcf'
    - --exec='wget -x %(URL)'

    * Test via GHDB
    google ghdb --database=ghdb.xml --tool=mobile
    - --filter='querystring.find("asp")>=0' ''

    * Download cache via Google API
    google cache --key=your_key
    google cahce --ouput=index.html --key=you_key

    * Download cache via Google Mobile (you don't need license key)
    google cache --tool=mobile

    * Get Google Sets
    google sets microsoft linux

    * Get Google Spell
    google spell 'icorosft indows'

    * Google Images (similar to WEB) - get all images from
    sleeping every one second, getting 100 results per query, running on 6
    levels (0 - 5)
    google images --tool=mobile '' -d1 -r100 -l:5

    * Google Web
    google web --key=your_key 'pentesting'

    * Google Web - get snips
    google web --tool=mobile 'pentesting' -S -T -U -s

    * Google Web - download pages
    google web --tool=mobile '' --exec='wget -x %(URL)'

    There are many more options that I cannot discuss here. I should write
    a tutorial. :)

    Josh perrymon wrote:

    > I think this is of great use to pen-testers. How do you use the
    > software? If is a separate pgm or script based?
    > JP
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    > Hello everybody,
    > I've been playing around with Google and Googles' API in the last
    > two months. I found out that Google is extremely powerful when it
    > comes to passive enumeration. This is the reason why I put myself
    > into coding a small tool, or library if you like, that can perform
    > various information-gathering techniques. So far, I have
    > implemented Google. I have other interesting ideas that I will put
    > into code latter.
    > The tool can be downloaded from:
    > You need python in order to execute it. I want to make it clear
    > that this is POC. Do not use it for hacking, and pleas read
    > Google's Terms of Service first from the following address:
    > On the other hand I am very interesting to know how do you find the
    > tool. I am open to any suggestions and contributions as long as
    > they match my initial idea.
    > Thanks and have fun.

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