[Full-disclosure] Evolution multiple remote format string bugs

Date: 08/10/05

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    Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 15:59:30 +0200
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    * SITIC Vulnerability Advisory *

               Advisory Name: Evolution multiple remote format string bugs
          Advisory Reference: SA05-001
     Date of initial release: 2005-08-10
                     Product: Evolution 1.5, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3
                    Platform: Linux, BSD systems, Unix
                      Effect: Remote code execution
    Vulnerability Identifier: Not assigned


    Evolution suffers from several format string bugs when handling data from
    remote sources. These bugs lead to crashes or the execution of arbitrary
    assembly language code.


    1) The first format string bug occurs when viewing the full vCard data
    attached to an e-mail message.

    When opening an e-mail message, only a compact view of some of the fields
    from the vCard is displayed, and this does not trigger the vulnerability.
    To be affected, the user must click on Show Full vCard or perform similar
    actions such as clicking on Save in Addressbook and then viewing the saved
    data under the Contacts tab.

    Why is this important? An attacker might notice that an organisation uses
    Evolution, for instance after seeing the "X-Mailer: Evolution x.y.z" e-mail
    header in their e-mails. He or she could then send out e-mail messages with
    malicious vCards to many e-mail accounts at the organisation, in the hope
    that some of the recipients will view the full vCard data sooner or later,
    thus exposing the organisation to this format string bug.

    2) The second format string bug occurs when displaying contact data from
    remote LDAP servers.

    3) The third format string bug occurs when displaying task list data from
    remote servers.

    4) The fourth, and least serious, format string bug occurs when the user
    goes to the Calendars tab to save task list data that is vulnerable to
    problem 3 above. Other calendar entries that do not come from task lists
    are also affected.

    Mitigating factors:

    Users that never use any of the vulnerable features in Evolution are not

    Affected versions:

      o Evolution 1.5 to Evolution


    We recommend that users either upgrade to Evolution 2.3.7 (unstable) or
    apply our unofficial patch to their Evolution installation.

    Patch information:

    Evolution 2.3.7 is available from the following source:

      o http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/gnome/sources/evolution/

    Our unofficial patch is available from our home page:

      o http://www.sitic.se


    These vulnerabilities were discovered by Ulf Harnhammar for SITIC, Swedish
    IT Incident Centre.

    Contact information:

    Swedish IT Incident Centre, SITIC
    P O Box 5398, SE-102 49 Stockholm, Sweden
    Telephone: +46-8-678 5799
    Email: sitic at pts dot se

    Revision history:

    First published 2005-08-10

    About SITIC:

    The Swedish IT Incident Centre within the National Post and Telecom Agency
    has the task to support society in working with protection against IT
    incidents. SITIC facilitates exchange of information regarding IT incidents
    between organisations in society, and disseminates information about new
    problems which potentially may impede the functionality of IT systems. In
    addition, SITIC provides information and advice regarding proactive measures
    and compiles and publishes statistics.


    The decision to follow or act on information or advice contained in this
    Vulnerability Advisory is the responsibility of each user or organisation.
    SITIC accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions contained within
    this Vulnerability Advisory, nor for any consequences which may arise from
    following or acting on information or advice contained herein.


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