Re: [Full-disclosure] Fernando Gont remote command execution and big mouth vulnerability

From: Fernando Gont (
Date: 08/04/05

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    Date: Thu, 04 Aug 2005 09:32:36 -0300

    At 08:40 a.m. 04/08/2005, you wrote:

    > > FYI, my website is .
    > > My site does not contan scripts, and is hosted on an OpenBSD server.
    >Umm, let's see this:

    Search on,,, And
    many others. Lots of (mine) old accounts non-maintained, full of bullshit,
    and full of test scripts.

    The link was simply removed because I just don't have the access/need to
    have a look at the script. My only site is, which has been
    "online" for people to download the new versions of my drafts before they
    show up in the internet-drafts directory.

    I may find more of those scripts on some floppies in my room's floor, and
    send them to you, so that you can waste your time, while the real problem
    that was raised here continues to be ignored.

    If I were any of the involved organizations/companies, I'd certainly pay
    people to do the same thing you're doing: adding non-sensical noise.

    Kindest regards,

    Fernando Gont
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