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From: Peter B. Harvey (Information Security) (
Date: 08/03/05

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    Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2005 11:19:59 +1000
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    Hi all

    An update the Virus is a HAXDOOR variant which is a backdoor.
    Symantec and Trend also now detect it.

    The virus is spread by an iframe or link in an email asking to go to
    a compromised website. The latest site seen is:

    This opens up a two frame page with A hotmail look alike login screen
    which appears to be used to steal passport credentials to anyone
    foolish enough to enter them.

    The other frame is only a couple of pizels high at the top. This
    opens an IFRAME to

    This page looks like an advert for a samsung phone but contains two
    objects - The Backdoor - The Trojan downloader

    These emails will get past most content scanners as they are just an
    HTML email. SPAM engines might catch them.

    A new variant just came in and it appears to be just using the
    javascript component
    IFRAME at the top points to

    Again have Javascript turned off before looking at the sites


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