[Full-disclosure] Whax v.3.0 Live CD released

From: muts (muts_at_whitehat.co.il)
Date: 07/21/05

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    To: <full-disclosure@lists.grok.org.uk>
    Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 21:10:06 +0200

    Hi list,

    I'd like to announce he public release of WHAX v.3.0.

    WHAX is the natural evolution of WHoppix - a live cd, standalone penetration
    testing toolkit. There are some major new features in WHAX which add huge
    functionality compared Whoppix, and may change the way we use live

    WHAX is so longer based on Knoppix, but on SLAX, a Slackware live cd.
    One of the main reasons I decided to try this is due to the wonderful world
    of modularity which SLAX uses.
    For us, this modularity means that we can easily customize our version of
    WHAX, and include whichever modules we like. All the tools have been
    compiled to "WHAX Modules" which can be easily added or removed, depending
    on our needs. (http://cvs.iwhax.net)

    Modularity also makes software updates much easier - for example, if a new
    version of software (such as Metasploit Framework) has been released, we can
    now download the updated module, and update our livecd / usb stick

    This new setup allows for the greatest flexibility, as modules are easy to
    create (even from windows) - which means that if we want to add that tool
    (or wallpaper) we always wanted, but never appeared in Whoppix, we can now
    do it ourselves.

    More info can be found here:


    Several demo movies can be found here:




    Demos.html (several old Whoppix movies)

    RSS feeds can be found here:


    And finally, a final CVS snapshot can be found here:


    I hope you enjoy using this release as much as I enjoyed making it :)



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