Re: [Full-disclosure] Not even the NSA can get it right

From: Dan Margolis (
Date: 05/26/05

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    Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 16:31:38 -0400

    On Wed, May 25, 2005 at 11:42:45PM -0400, Paul Kurczaba wrote:
    > To the NSA's advantage, I truly believe that the site is a
    > natural honeypot. If you think of all the people that try to break in to
    > it, the NSA looks at their logs and says "Sweet!, we've learned
    > something new today. Keep on comming..."
    > just my $0.02

    Valdis and I discussed this a little bit off-list. He disagrees, but I
    contend that anything that the NSA could learn from such would be
    useless to their two primary goals--securing intelligence, military, and
    other government and private sector infrastructure, and conducting
    interception/decryption/info war on foreign (or domestic?) "enemy"

    Consider: is NOT a tempting target, thus the likely attackers
    are stupid kiddies.

    Stupid kiddies are not going to use anything new to the NSA on

    The NSA therefore learns a) what the kiddies know, and b) who the
    kiddies are (assuming they don't disguise themselves well)

    (a) is relatively useless; it's sole value *might* be in indicating what
    is "public" and thus not likely to work against a target, but given that
    they are going against targets with far more resources than the average
    kiddie, this is a poor, if not worthless, indicator of such.

    (b) is useless, because the NSA does not conduct law enforcement
    operations against cyber criminals, nor, from what we've all heard, do
    they cooperate overly well with the agencies that do.

    So they've really got nothing to gain from wasting valuable employee
    time on such a stupid matter. Even the NSA hires underpaid civil
    servants--and I don't think it was a top-secret spook who coded the
    ColdFusion behind the front page.

    Feel free to let your own imaginations run wild, though. I've heard some
    real convincing stories indicating that the Masons were behind the
    September 11 attacks, too.

    > According to netcraft, they are running IIS.

    You can verify this for yourself by looking at the server headers--or
    running an OS fingerprinting tool against them. Sure, they could be
    spoofing it, but see above.

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