[Full-disclosure] Postnuke 0.750 - 0.760rc4 local file inclusion

From: pokley (pokleyzz_at_scan-associates.net)
Date: 05/16/05

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    Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 13:08:03 +0800
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    Product : Postnuke 0.750 (http://www.postnuke.com)
    Description: Postnuke 0.750 - 0.760rc4 local file inclusion
    Severity: High

    Postnuke is Web Content Management System written in PHP and using mysql
    as database backend.


    Directory traversal in function pnModFunc

    We have found serious vulnerability which allow any user to view/include
    local file in function pnModFunc. This is due to lack of error checking in
    function pnModFunc when user supply func through index.php. func variable
    will sanitize using pnVarCleanFromInput which will remove any slashes
    before pass to pnModFunc in index.php. This make nullbyte poisoning
    possible. With the help from pnlang directory in Blocks module this
    vulnerability is very easy to exploit. Remote code execution also possible
    with help of 3rd party module which allow image upload or through
    accesible apache log file.

         } else {

                    require_once("modules/$modname/pn$type/$func.php");<-- THE PROBLEM

             return $modfunc($args);

    Proof of concept

    Fix Available from postnuke cvs since 5th May 2005



    Vendor Response
    3rd May 2005 - Vendor contacted
    4th May 2005 - Vendor Reply
    5th May 2005 - Fix Available

    Andreas Krapoh from postnuke for fast response in this issue.

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