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Date: 05/05/05

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    Date: Thu, 05 May 2005 04:20:49 +0000

    Deigo Dude wrote:

    > Continuing on the thread of telco's (even though its off topic)

    I think it actually falls in a safe zone under the list charter. In
    general though I feel that the security of our nations telco
    infrastructure should certainly be talked about. After the deregulation
    of the industry I feel that some of these companies need to be held
    accountable for their equipment. They are currently in the position that
    they can simply pull wool over any anyones eyes that inquires about
    their security. 'These aren't the droids you're looking for".

    If you get too close to finding something out they try to burry you in
    legal jargon and mumbo jumbo instead of addressing the problems at hand.
    It is really quite pathetic.

    Every try to talk to your local police about the potential that someone
    may have taken control of your towns DMS100... try it sometime. Have an
    even funner time if you live out in the middle of B.F.E.

    Ever try to talk to the FTC about a telco issue? FBI? DHS? Its not a fun
    task... especially when folks either A have no clue what you are
    speaking of or B simply don't care.

    These telcos act like the internet and computers have nothing to do with
    the security of their network... I think its bull shit.

    > I used to have access to (Local exchange
    > navigation system) so you all im sure would also have fun if you can
    > gain access to that. You can look up full information for
    > non-published numbers, make reservations of new numbers, make service
    > orders, change phone service, pretty much anything a bellsouth
    > employee would need to do at any point.

    I am sure you and several others have had access to that sort of thing
    over time. That is exactly part of the problem. NO standards and no one
    to really regulate them.

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