Re: [Full-disclosure] How to Report a Security VulnerabilitytoMicrosoft

From: Georgi Guninski (
Date: 04/12/05

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    Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 00:14:17 +0300

    On Tue, Apr 12, 2005 at 05:00:46PM -0400, wrote:
    > The reason for this (from redmond) is they cannot break computers that are out there. There tolerance has to be even below one percent ,and even that is too much and finally conceded with them on their points. Also, they do not "patch" they find the root of the problem which adds more time. So you should be seeing less workarounds of microsoft patches.

    they are breaking computers out there all the time.

    so they know their code is a mess, but want the 0day to be private to them
    for 5 months so they can profit more. a nice plan.

    i thought bill's trusthy computing intiative cured the "root of the
    problem" or not? the m$ whores patching holes for several billions worth and
    *more* exploits left?

    where do you want bill gates to go today?
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