[Full-disclosure] Metasploit Framework v3.0 Alpha

From: Humberto Duodenum Moore (fdlist_at_digitaloffense.net)
Date: 04/01/05

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    To: "Full-Disclosure" <Full-Disclosure@lists.grok.org.uk>
    Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2005 09:57:22 -0600

    After years of beating our heads into the proverbial wall of the Perl
    scripting language, we would like to announce the Alpha release of
    version 3.0 of the Metasploit Framework. The new Framework is written
    entirely in Python -- the OFFICIAL hacker scripting language. We feel
    that by moving to a Python code-base, we can easily integrate the
    Framework with the many well-written Python security libraries and take
    advantage of the enormous Python developer community. Perl is dead guys,
    just give it up before its too late.

    The 3.0 Alpha release includes the following features:
     + Native Windows GUI, nobody uses unix so we do not support it
     + Automatic vulnerability scanning modules and exploitation (autor00t)
     + Dynamic payload generation via the "AIGHT" C compiler (Python)
     + New nop generator modules use artificial intelligence techniques
     + Skylined's ASCII art shellcode encoding system has been ported
     + Support for third-party binary exploit modules (thanks SecurityForest!)
     + Includes the "Stubble" Python fuzzing engine, based on Peach
     + Integrated "syscall breakdancing" system for exploit pivoting
     + Support for local non-setuid buffer overflows (thanks morning_wood!)
     + Added the "AVOIDPAX" and "AVOIDGRSEC" global exploit options
     + Advanced "Instant-Worm" shell script for converting exploit modules
     + Meterpreter now supports face-recognition via attached web-cams

    As usual, we have included a massive set of zero-day exploits in our
    public release. These exploits affect everything from Plan9 to Windows

    Examples exploits include:
     + IIS 6.0 HTTP.SYS kernel-mode stack overflow (thank you eEye!)
     + TCP/IP fragmentation overlap exploit for the Linux kernel
     + Two remotes for the OpenBSD LIBC memcpy(0x31337) backdoor
     + Universal remote stack overflow for ISS RealSecure and friends
     + Apache SIGALRM+SIGURG+SIGALRM function re-entrance exploit
     + Checkpoint FW-1 remote exploit (any plug service or management port)
     + New version of the AntiAntiAntiAntiAntiAntiSniff stealth recon module
     + Integrated UCE relay agent and associated exploits

    Metasploit would like to announce our new paid-subscription service:
    "BlingBling's Exploit Clique". For the price of a cup of coffee each
    day*, you can have access to the latest and greatest remote 0day
    exploits. BBEC members will also receive a complimentary t-shirt, yo-yo,
    and piece of official BBEC chewing gum.

    *Notice: The Standard Coffee Cup Price (SCCP) is based on the daily rate
    for a cup of Starb*cks coffee . The monthly subscription rate is based on
    the average SCCP price, as reported by the JavaJava Stock Exchange.

    The latest version of the Framework can be obtained from the new website:
     - http://dtsn.darpa.mil/ixo/


    - The Metasploit Staff
    Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
    Charter: http://lists.grok.org.uk/full-disclosure-charter.html
    Hosted and sponsored by Secunia - http://secunia.com/

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