RE: [Full-disclosure] Lameness (with guidelines)

From: Randall M (
Date: 03/25/05

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    :Full-Disclosure Acceptable Content
    :Any information pertaining to vulnerabilities is acceptable,
    :for instance announcement and discussion thereof, exploit
    :techniques and code, related tools and papers, and other
    :useful information.
    :Gratuitous advertisement, product placement, or self-promotion
    :is forbidden.
    :Disagreements, flames, arguments, and off-topic discussion
    :should be taken off-list wherever possible.
    :Humour is acceptable in moderation, providing it is
    :inoffensive. Politics should be avoided at all costs.
    :Members are reminded that due to the open nature of the list,
    :they should use discretion in executing any tools or code
    :distributed via this list.
    :Jr. Researcher

    I would like to add to this that I for one find this list absolutely awesome
    just the way it is. Every disclosure. Every comment on vulns, likes, and
    dislikes. I wake up in the morning and look forward to the humor, the
    political, and the technical information shared. This list is in a true
    since "Free"(Full-Disclosure). Allows equal rights to all. It is govern by a
    moderate charter aimed at basic etiquette principles to prevent cyber
    rioting. I like it as it is and glad its here!

    Randall M

    Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
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