[Full-disclosure] Social Engineering: You Have Been A Victim

From: Paul Laudanski (zx_at_castlecops.com)
Date: 03/18/05

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    by Darren W. Miller, aka defendingthenet, CastleCops Staff Writer
    March 14, 2005

    Monday morning, 6am; the electric rooster is telling you it's time to
    start a new work week. A shower, some coffee, and you're in the car and
    off. On the way to work you're thinking of all you need to accomplished
    this week. Then, on top of that there's the recent merger between your
    company and a competitor. One of your associates told you, you better be
    on your toes because rumors of layoff's are floating around.

    More: http://castlecops.com/article-5807-nested-0-0.html

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