RE: [Full-Disclosure], is this true?

From: Todd Towles (
Date: 01/25/05

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    Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2005 16:28:13 -0600
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     I have to agree with James,

    If you are using Hushmail's free e-mail service and expecting that to
    hide you from the government, then you are in trouble. Mine as well keep
    e-mailing from your yahoo address anyways. You must assume all things
    log your IP address, even anon proxies. Which most do...but don't give
    your IP to the next computer. But tracing you is still possible, if the
    government in that region wanted to find you...they could.

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    > > Thank you Valdis, you were spot on. I'm sorry, I must have been
    > > misunderstood, my main concern IS a blunt legal object being used
    > > against hushmail to find my identity.
    > No business can ignore a judges orders to produce whatever
    > required information.
    > The business can contest the request but if it is proven out
    > the information must be produced.
    > If you are really concerned about your privacy, and not just
    > wasting our time, then never assume or expect another to
    > protect your privacy. There are many techniques out there to
    > remain anonymous.
    > Any system that relies on just one free service to ensure
    > privacy is useless.
    > j
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