RE: [Full-Disclosure] If Lycos can attack spammer sites, can we all start doing it?

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Date: 12/05/04

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    Have you read the Geneva Convention? Or better yet "The United Nations
    International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights". Read it, the whole
    thing, and then bitch and moan. Do you really think Terrorists live by it?

    Article 7
    No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading
    treatment or punishment.

    Rape and torture rooms - human shredders? Flying planes into buildings -
    being burned alive. Beheading civilians?

    All sound like torture to me. So if some people have to sit in a small room
    for a while till it all gets sorted out, I can live with that. And if those
    people are terrorists - who should *not* get the benefit of the Geneva
    Convention then so be it.

    Did you lose anyone in the towers? I did. Do you have a son fighting for
    your freedom, I do. I am proud of my son and weep every day for my loss.
    For me it is not a soapbox, it is personal, very personal.

    Keep the political crap off this almost useless mailing list

    If you want a political debate or to spout off about that which you do not
    know, then please go somewhere else

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    On Thu, 02 Dec 2004 08:57:24 GMT, Adam Challis said:

    > Being based in Germany, wouldn't they be subject to German and EU law?

    That's a minor factual detail, and we care somewhere between diddly and
    regarding the facts of the case. ;)

    The US government of late has shown little moral or ethical qualms about
    imposing its law and morality on people and actions in other sovereign
    while reserving its right to pick-and-choose regarding its own behavior.

    Remember, we're the bunch that detained a lot of people for things they did
    in their own country to repel an invading army (namely, us), and then
    them into Guantanamo Bay so that we wouldn't have to actually accord them
    their Geneva Convention rights as prisoners-of-war. We've also seen fit to
    skip the whole idea of "habeas corpus" for our *own* citizens (see "Hamdi v.
    Rumsfeld" and "Rumsfeld v. Padilla") and even the concept that you should be
    allowed to know what law you're violating (see "Gilmore v. Ashcroft").

    So be afraid. Be very afraid....

    (OK, you can have the soapbox back now... ;)

    Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.

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