Re: [Full-Disclosure] If Lycos can attack spammer sites, can we all start doing it?

From: KrispyKringle (
Date: 12/02/04

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    Date: Thu, 02 Dec 2004 13:20:03 -0500
    > That's a minor factual detail, and we care somewhere between diddly and squat
    > regarding the facts of the case. ;)

    I didn't know they were based in Germany.

    > The US government of late has shown little moral or ethical qualms about
    > imposing its law and morality on people and actions in other sovereign states,
    > while reserving its right to pick-and-choose regarding its own behavior.
    > Remember, we're the bunch that detained a lot of people for things they did
    > in their own country to repel an invading army (namely, us), and then stuffed
    > them into Guantanamo Bay so that we wouldn't have to actually accord them
    > their Geneva Convention rights as prisoners-of-war. We've also seen fit to
    > skip the whole idea of "habeas corpus" for our *own* citizens (see "Hamdi v.
    > Rumsfeld" and "Rumsfeld v. Padilla") and even the concept that you should be
    > allowed to know what law you're violating (see "Gilmore v. Ashcroft").
    > So be afraid. Be very afraid....
    > (OK, you can have the soapbox back now... ;)

    Actually, many countries, I believe, recognize the right of citizens to
    sue foreign entities, who's in-country assets can then be seized.

    But yeah, don't talk to me about Guantanamo. Today I happen to be
    wearing my nice anti-Bush t-shirt ;)

    Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.

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