Re: [Full-Disclosure] OT: U.S. 2004 Election Fraud.

From: Jason (
Date: 11/13/04

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    Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2004 00:02:38 -0500
    > Sorry list, I just couldn't resist......

    I couldn't either :-(

    > *Electoral votes vs. Population [1]
    > State Population Votes Votes / M pop.
    > -----------------------------------------
    > Alaska 648,818 3 4.624
    > Wyoming 501,242 3 5.985
    > Texas 22,118,509 34 1.537
    > ....
    > I guess you must have missed that day in elementary
    > school when they covered this. Pretty simple huh???
    > Are you happy that a Wyoming voter has 3.89 times the
    > political power you do????
    > Next time get your facts together before you post.
    > -Shub
    > [1]


    It is clear to me that you do not understand the electoral college and
    how it is designed. The system is designed to ensure that the people
    that live in the US have equal representation. If Wyoming had one person
    living in it there would be three electoral votes representing that
    person, for good reason.

    Each state is given two electoral college votes in the senate and one
    for each congress person representing the people based on population.

    Before you continue to rant on about representation and how much a vote
    is worth I suggest you read a little about how the system works. Once
    you have finished reading up on the topic and the issues around a simple
    majority rules society I would be interested in hearing your thoughts.

    and get the book "Securing Democracy : Why We Have an Electoral College"
    ISBN: 188292665X


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