RE: [Full-Disclosure] Virus/Trojan trying to connect external:445 and

From: Todd Towles (
Date: 10/22/04

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    Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 07:42:11 -0500

    Sounds like a IRC trojan that is trying to spread via network shares
    (maybe weak passwords). 6667 is the IRC port, so it looks like it needs
    that for command and control.

    Can you get a copy of it?

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    > Subject: [Full-Disclosure] Virus/Trojan trying to connect
    > external:445 and
    > Hi All,
    > I am seeing some network traffic for some windows host trying
    > to contact random remote hosts port 445 and these hosts also
    > try to connect
    > Is this some kind of an IRC bot/trojan?
    > Anybody aware of it?
    > We cannot find anything with the virus scanner.
    > This virus is very chatty, and keeping the network very busy.
    > Any suggestions?
    > Best,
    > Murat
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