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From: Todd Towles (
Date: 10/21/04

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    Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 11:40:59 -0500

    I see.

    For some reason, I was thinking he couldn't see it in systemprocess, but
    now that I think about it, you are correct. So it was hiding but not
    very well, therefore not the true trojan/rootkit hybrid. Thanks Peter.

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    > Hi Todd,
    > >But if it is a rootkit, does it not hide from normal AV scanning?
    > Nope, you'll see it in the systemprocess, but since it's
    > active in memory, you won't be able to end it.
    > The trojan is a RDBot variant (Spybot). Like other variants,
    > from this string, it spreads across local and remote
    > networks. It's uses several exploits to compromise unpactched
    > MS Windows boxs, as well as searches for shares with weak
    > passwords. When executed, it creates a mutex "[rxBot v0.6.5
    > pk + ftpd]". If another instance of this worm is already
    > running, it will exit. The malware carries a backdoor that
    > allows a malicious user to control the infected host through
    > IRC channels. As stated in the first posting, it droppes a
    > copy of itself to the windows system folder. Nextup it
    > modifies registry with several runas keys under the value
    > "update run msword".
    > This RDbot includes a keylogger, that will log all keyboard
    > activity and save this to a text file. A remote user can
    > collect this information through IRC and possibly gain access
    > to others services.
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    Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.

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