Re: [Full-Disclosure] Will a vote for John Kerry be counted by a Hart InterCivic eSlate3000 in Honolulu?
Date: 10/21/04

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    To: "Jason Coombs PivX Solutions" <>
    Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 09:29:11 -0500

    Jason, I have a rather direct question: Given what you know...and what
    you wrote....why in blazes did you cast your vote electronically?

    Bart Lansing
    Manager, Desktop Services/Lotus Notes
    Kohl's IT wrote on 10/20/2004 08:24:59 PM:

    > I just voted for John Kerry at a walk-in absentee ballot polling
    > place in Honolulu County using an eSlate3000 (unit serial number
    > A05A0B) made by Hart Intercivic:
    > I was told by the official who gave me the choice of voting on paper
    > or voting electronically that the electronic voting machines weren't
    > supposed to be here yet, but that since they arrived in time for the
    > 2004 election, they were being used anyway.
    > Will my vote be counted? That depends on a number of unknowns, such
    > as whether or not the unit on which my vote was cast subsequently
    > malfunctions, rendering the entire vote tabulating memory card corrupt.
    > I did not receive a paper printout following the submission of my
    > electronic ballot.
    > Excluding the obvious possibility that fraud may occur, either to
    > stuff the electronic 'ballot box' with false votes, or to
    > intentionally destroy or fail to count votes for a particular
    > candidate, there are risks inherent to electronic voting that do not
    > exist in the same way with paper ballots. And although there are
    > technical safeguards possible that seem like common sense, these
    > safeguards continue to be ignored. Why?
    > Will we ever see common sense safeguards added to the electronic
    > voting process?
    > A search for known security vulnerabilities or potential flaws in
    > voting equipment manufactured and sold by Hart InterCivic turns up:
    > Prior to casting my vote, I provided a written 'application' to vote
    > containing my current address and other contact information.
    > Election officials have every bit of information necessary to inform
    > me in the event of a memory card failure or other malfunction that
    > causes my electronic vote not to be counted properly.
    > We know the very equipment that I just used to cast my vote has
    > malfunctioned in the past. There have never been any reports that
    > any voter has ever been allowed to revote following the loss of
    > their electronic vote database record. Why not?
    > I find it absurd that common sense solutions to electronic voting
    > problems are not being used. The vote I just cast could be made
    > available for my anonymous review after it has been counted. For
    > that matter, all votes made by all voters could be aggregated and
    > published such that any voter could confirm that the vote that was
    > counted was in fact the vote that they cast.
    > Such a safeguard would ensure that no fraud could occur without
    > timely detection by those voters who are directly affected, and no
    > vote would go uncounted or be miscounted by mistake unless voters
    > choose not to perform such data validation.
    > If we're going to allow these electronic voting devices in our
    > elections, then we the people must be empowered to become the all
    > volunteer quality assurance army that validates the data output.
    > Reasonable people can live with the necessity to trust election
    > officials to be honest, and the criminal justice procedures to hold
    > them accountable when they are not, but who are we supposed to hold
    > accountable when equipment failures and flawed computer disaster
    > recovery planning result in the secret exclusion of members of the
    > public from access to their right to vote?
    > If anyone has any further information about Hart InterCivic and the
    > eSlate3000, please contact me directly.
    > Sincerely,
    > Jason Coombs
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