Re: [Full-Disclosure] Hacking into private files, my credit card purchases, personal correspondence or anything that is mine is trespassing and criminal.

From: Barry Fitzgerald (
Date: 10/12/04

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    To: Giselbert Hinkelmann <>
    Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 10:07:48 -0400

    Giselbert Hinkelmann wrote:

    > Am 12.10.2004 um 01:33 schrieb Jesse Valentin:
    >> My point is that just because something isn’t recognized as incorrect
    >> by a
    >> “legal entity” this doesn’t necessarily indicate that the conclusion
    >> is sound…
    > Which means that future generations may see not giving free/cheap access
    > of all published information to everyone as soon as it was technically
    > possible
    > as one of the worst crimes of the 21st century...
    Actually, that state would guarantee the death of democracy. We're not
    just talking about free movies here. We're talking about who controls
    the dissemination of information. This can't be thought of as just a
    petty criminal matter. It has much wider implications.


    Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.

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