[Full-Disclosure] Re: New paper on Security and Obscurity

From: Choe Sung Cont. PACAF CSS/SCHP (Sung.Choe_at_hickam.af.mil)
Date: 09/02/04

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    > The Great Cold War of the last century was not won through military
    > means. It was not won by US political leaders. It was won by Levi
    > jeans and bottles of Coke.

    Ahhh, I love it when people try to make this argument. I highly doubt that
    the denim "soft power" of America convinced Soviet Russia to abandon it's
    utopian, marxist dreams. Soft power can not be mistaken for real power.
    Heck, suicide bombers and terrorists from Israel to the Phillipines wear New
    York Yankees hats and Nike tee-shirts while commiting their atrocities and
    yet, their hatred for the US is arguably greater than that of any Soviet .
    There is no substitute for a strong military.

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